Monday, April 28, 2008

Camping trip

Hank and I went camping up in American fork Canyon last week and it was so pretty and fun so I just wanted to send some pictures your way!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Birthday party

I had a birthday recently, here are some pictures from my Birthday party with Hank's family.

Laura and Patrick

My family came to see my show, but I can't find any pictures of that fun trip right now. It was over Easter weekend and we had a blast!! Laura and Patrick came just last weekend. We had such a good but quick weekend. They saw our show Friday night and on Saturday we did the whole Salt Lake temple square thing, which was awesome because conference was going on so it was really crowded. We then headed to Park city and looked around at all the shops. Later on we went out to eat and just hung out. It was quite a busy day. Hank and I are lucky to have such good friends.


Here are some pictures from Roofsliding, this is the play Hank and I were in. My friends were all the backstage people, because I didn't go on until the second act. I learned a lot about renissance fairs.It was fun!

Hank is my MTC spy. Because he works there he can access where every missionary is at every part of the day. Today he found out that Daniel was eating lunch 1pm, so he joined him: here's the news. Daniel's companion seems really cool. His name is Mark Zimbelman. He is a multi-media major which is basically a film major at UVSC and he works for a production company..just like Daniel! he's from Provo. Here are some quotes from Daniel "Hank you've been home from your mission for four years right? You did it and now you're home, I think I can do it", "Once I start enjoying missionary work more than wanting to be at home then I'll be okay", " The MTC food is good, it's not UCLA but it's good" and "I've been the MTC for two days and I already feel like I know it REAL well". I guess Daniel was a litttle worried because there is a district going to Brazil there who are all waiting for their visas to come in. They all thought it would only take a week and they have been there for 7 weeks. I think Daniel will be okay because the women who arranges it all was gone or something and now she is back and they are hoping to get everyone out of there as soon as they can. Anyway, Hank says he seems to be doing just fine. Here is picture of his companion.

My missionary brother!

Okay so I know I haven't updated in like 3 months and that's really horrible, but I swear it hasn't nothing to do with being busy...I am just really lazy. I am coming back to my blog with lots of information concerning my brother Daniel. He entered the MTC Wednesday afternoon. Hank and I picked him up from the Salt Lake Airport in the morning. Daniel was suppose to check in at 11:30 but Hank called the MTC and we figured a way he didn't have to go in until 1:30pm. So we went out to eat lunch at Olive Garden and then went to the Bean museum to kill time. It was fun but full of anticipation, nervousness and fear. We were all dreading the ticking minutes. We finally had to get to the MTC and you'll notice Daniel's suitcoat is a little off from his pants, this is because he didn't know he had to wear a suit. They had a little family presentation. I don't think Daniel or I paid much attention to the speakers, there was just too much anxiety to deal with. At the end we were directed to say goodbye and then the family would exit out one door and the missionaries would enter into another one. It was a pretty emotional good-bye but when Daniel finally escaped from my death grip he smiled and said "see ya later badu" as he skipped off through the missionary door. He looked so handsome!