Sunday, May 27, 2012

Post just for the heck of it

For the past month Hank and I have been eating quite differently from normal. We decided we wanted to take charge of our health and so we did a month long experiment where we ate only plant food (with the exception of some yogurt, ghee and honey) and 50% of that would be raw. The first week and half we ate only raw plant food. It was hard at first and I felt pretty weird but now that the month is over I feel way more energetic and have lost almost all my pregnancy weight. I can't foresee us going back to eating any other way. I thought it would be hard doing this diet with a 3 year old around but Sam cracks me up with what he'll eat. Above he's eating an Indian dahl dish above which is cooked with an assortment of spices including fennel. One of his favorite snacks is cut up tomatoes and cucumbers with a green smoothie. I have a lot of fun putting strange things on his plate to see what he does. He never fails to surprise me on what he wants more of. I am praying Milo will be this easy going with food.

Sam is investigating the first radish picked from our garden. He wasn't as thrilled about when he ate it. Well I guess he'll try most things but is very clear when he doesn't like it. "Mom what was that?! I need something else. I need a different food"

The season of splash parks has begun! Sam thought this was just wicked.

I remember when being cold was fun.

Safety Day! a day for Sam. There were fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, motorcycles, booths, games, men in uniform etc. etc. It was one of those times when you feel like a good parent when you don't have to do much at all.

Sam kept telling us "this is awesome!". He's pretty cool with his free give-away glasses.

Some friends of ours had a baby girl on December 14th just like Milo! It's been fun to see how they compare size wise as they grow. I think Milo is starting to hold his own. He rolled over a few times that during our visit and I think he was trying to impress his birthday mate. I can't blame him, she is pretty cute too.

So I am on the stationary bike and I look down for a second and see this face shining back at me. This is a common occurrence in our home. Milo why are you such a delight!

One of Milo's first experiences with the pool or I should say spa. I think he loved it because a few minutes later he fell asleep while I was holding him. What could be better than being cuddle with mom in warm water? I love soothing him because he responses with such satisfaction. Ohhh I just love him!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Milo's blessing and much more.

It has been a while since my last update. Here are some of the few things we've been up to:

We've worked on potty training...

...without much success. When I tried to change those pants he's wearing he said "No Mom I want to wear these pants!" did I mention this wasn't just a pee accident? Someday right?

We planted a garden...

which flooded...

but is doing quite well now ( this is an old picture, it's really grown in a lot!)

Sam has been a fireman. He was so proud I just had to throw that in.

We have gone on LOTS of walks and yes Milo feels as fat as he looks.

Mondays with Katie.

I don't think she knows what to do with Sam most of the time. We love having her. In Sam's words "Katie is Nice!"

Sam got a belated birthday present; a bullet train. This has not only been a birthday present for Sam but for me as well in that it provides hours of entertainment. Thank you for a clean house and a homemade dinner bullet train.
Sam has renewed his excitement for trains. Everyday he asks if we can go to the train museum, watch bullet trains on Youtube and read his bullet train book. Here we are riding a train at an outdoor mall near us. Sam reminds me how enjoyable life can be with just simple pleasures. I think that's why I like being around him so much.

Community Festival! I'll let Sam's face describe the excitement.
I think the Ferris Wheel changed his attitude toward the festival.

Car racing. Believe it or not Sam learned how to control the controller so he slowed down around the corners and clocked a new speed record for the 30 lap race. The guys who ran it were pretty tickled and one of them told us we needed to get Sam into racing. I am a little suspicious they tell every parent that.

What a happy baby. I can't blame him though, I usually have that face when I am close to Hank like that.
Imagine seeing this face all day long? All is right in the world, isn't it?

"Mom I need 'nother pants, these ones are too hard"

Milo has learned how to roll from tummy to back, though he doesn't do it very often. I bet he would have more of a chance to practice if I didn't get overwhelmed by his cutness and cuddle him all the time. Maybe that's why Sam didn't walk till 16 months. It's not my fault! my babies are just too cuddle friendly!
Sam and Milo are buds. Sam won't let any of us finish a prayer without blessing Milo. He's got Milo's back...good big brother.

 Sam: Hi Mom
Me: Hey bud. What are you thinking about?
Sam: I am thinking about...Mom.

I love this picture because it really describes our relationship. Sam and I are such good friends.

Sam often has this face. He gets so excited about things. Milo has become accustomed to Sam's energy...Thank goodness.

I've got some good looking boys in my life, don't you think?
The big recent event was Milo's baby blessing. As you can tell we had quite a few people come for the occasion. we all felt the love. It was such a pleasant weekend. Sam loved having cousins in town to play with. Hank gave the most beautiful blessing and the spirit was so strong. Milo was happy during everything. It was all perfect!

Proud Grandparents.

Milo I apologize for Sam's inability to stay still during pictures. He's special...just like you.