Monday, October 5, 2009

My boy is getting so big!

Sam is 6 months old! We went to the doctor today and he is 18.4 lbs and 28 inches long. He is so happy and pleasant all the time. He recently learned to sit up all by himself. I discovered his new development when I was at the park with my sister. We went to watch the ducks. Well one by ones all these ducks approached us (hoping for food no doubt) and before we knew it we were surrounded by ducks. It was really silly. I had Sam in my lap and noticed that he wasn't using my body for support. I quickly stood up and there was my little guy just sitting around like no one's business. I think the duck's secretly know what was about to be revealed and wanted to circled in to see the action. I must say it was pretty exciting and I think they got a good show.

He's a natural!

This only shows a fraction of the swarming ducks.

These are cute videos