Saturday, July 17, 2010

A nice big catch-up

The 4th of July weekend was really fun. Hank's brother Trevor and his wife Lindsay and their two sons came to visit as well as Hank's sister Mandy and her friend. We had a full house on the 4th. Sam was very much occupied. With all the visitors around he seemed very busy to do many things. Playing in that pool was serious business.

We celebrated with the whole family on the 5th. On the 4th we had a BBQ at my sister's with my family. It was in Santa Barabara so when Sam started showing signs of weekend exhaustion I tried to rush him home to bed but mid- drive he woke up and there was no going back. So I strapped him on my back and climbed on the roof where Sam and I enjoyed the fireworks alone together (Hank was working). It was pretty special. Sam was in amazement and after several minutes of awe he started yelling "DA! BOOM!" over and over. When the finale came on he just yelled "AAAHHHHH!" until the show finished. He's quite the mimicker.

The other big event around here is my sister-in-law Summer left for her mission just a few days ago. She is going to New Jersey, so we had a weekend of good byes. I am sad to see her go but I know the Lord needs her and there are so many who will be blessed to have her.

When we are not running around doing family stuff, Sam and I quite enjoy our time together. His personality is just shooting out of him. He helps me with everything from flipping pancakes to feeding me food. He talks and talks and talks (that reminds me of someone...someone I married). I really can't understand much of what he says, but every so often I'll realize and think "oh that's what you were saying all this time!". He also takes his playtime very seriously. My mom jokes that he has a lot he needs to do around the house like dump out all the recycling, pull out all the magazines and a very important job is bang the watering cans on the patio floor. He just goes to his stations, does his work and then moves on. I am so glad I have a hardworking boy.

My mom gave me this Teddy bear when I was a baby and I have kept it on my bed ever since, even before Sam was born it's place was on our bed. Now every morning Sam wakes up and gives Teddy a hug and kiss. He has become so affectionate recently. In the middle of playing a game he will randomly wrap his arms around me and lay his head on my shoulder. I have to admit it's pretty much the most amazing feeling.

After 15 months Sam decided he might want to try walking. Now don't get too excited because he prefers crawling if he wants to get somewhere fast but now he can take a few steps before falling down. I just love that he goes at his own pace. He can climb up and down stairs, slide down slides, climb back up slides etc. At a park once a women commented on Sam's mobility and said " he probably started walking at 8 months" She was shocked when I told her he wasn't walking yet. I love that he does things at his own terms. He is my special little guy.