Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day fun and some Daddy time too

Sam and I attended a Valentine's Day extravaganza at our local mall. It was loony. The line to sign in was probably an hour long. Good thing we got there early! Sam decorated this box for Daddy and we gave it to him on Valentine's Day. It was pretty sweet.

Amongst the face painting and dancing Sam's reoccurring attraction was this balloon decoration. For some reason he thought it was really cute and kept making baby faces at it.

Nothing held a note to this dog. Sam followed this character around and around. In fact the worker who was helping out kept laughing every time she saw Sam come back. I think the person in the suit was losing ideas for funny antics.

Sky Zone! The Trampoline place. Imagine a gigantic trampolined room where even the walls are jumpable. It was awesome! Yet, Sam found the trash can outside the room to be more interesting... I tried, I tried.

My mom's group had a Valentine's Day party. I was really proud of Sam for coloring this hat. He's recently taken a interest in coloring. He actually makes a few marks on the paper before popping the coloring utensil in his mouth. We are making progress.

All the kids in the group are fairly young. We tried to have a game where the kids would hop on numbered hearts until the music stopped, then they got a prize. Sam did NOT like being told where to go and eventually found his way to some nearby puzzles. I felt okay because most of the kids were running around screaming, eating the paper hearts or trying to get their prizes early. I love this age.

So for those of you who know Sam, you know he has been a momma's boy through and through. So this little experience made Dad a happy man. We were walking around a nature preserve and Sam found this rock. Dad joined him and they were have a nice time enjoying the rock together. When I tried to get in on the fun, Sam would not have it and kept pushing me away. We tried to take a family picture  but Sam was determined to have the rock reserved for only him and dad!

My sister in law tried a well with no avail. This rock is only for the men in the family!

Hank's time has finally come.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Colored spaghetti part 2

This has nothing to do with colored spaghetti I just thought Sam looked really cool.

So I brought the spaghetti out again. Sam and I made a discovery. Spaghetti is really sticky and kind of yucky. Sam would reach hesitantly into the bowl while making various  "ick, yuck, bleack" sounds with his tongue. We decided to use spaghetti's yuckieness to our advantage and found it sticks quite well to the dishwasher. I think I have found Sam's artistic side. Together we created a little picture. Sam is much more thoughtful than I am. He took the effort to pick out individual strands and place them by hand to specific points on the dishwasher wall. I enjoyed the wind up and throw approach more. I think together with both our techniques we make a great artistic pair.

The creation enlarged after this picture was taken but I think you get the idea. I call it "Bleack!", Sam came up with the name. I think it fits. You'll have to watch out for more Sam and mom originals.