Saturday, April 30, 2011

1/2 mile marathon!

Hank and I ran our first race! It was called The American River Parkway Half Marathon. I was so nervous to run because we haven't been able to train for it as much as we had hoped for. My goal was to run the whole thing. I knew Hank could do it but I was worried I might pass out or something (I am a bit delicate). It went so well! I totally ran it! Of course by the end I was so slow that walkers were passing me, even though I was running (so embarrassing!) Hank stayed with me until mile ten and then he was basically skipping to stay near me, so we decided he should go on ahead and actually run. I have to say I am so inspired now because all along the way there were these inspirational signs helping the runners stay motivated. They said things like "you never know your limits until you exceed them" and "Those who say it can't be done shouldn't interrupt those who are doing it". I was feeling great until mile ten and then I got pretty tired. Those inspirational signs were probably the thing that kept me going. I started relying on them fro support. I thought about how important it is to live everyday focused on your priorities, your values, your principles and goals. Those messages reminded me why I was paying to put my body through pain and exhaustion. I wanted to push my body and my mind so I could feel healthier and happier. I don't believe our purpose on this earth is to experience pleasure and satisfaction, but instead to progress and grow. We often find ourselves in uncomfortable or upsetting moments but we endure because of the greater goal. I know this is something I want to teach my children and I really want to have a home full of "inspirational signs" that remind us why we must go through the suffering of life, because in the end the reward is so worth it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter and a bit more

Sam's first Easter egg hunt. The Relief Society put together a little Easter egg hunt. Like everything Sam wasn't as much excited as he was curious about why we were doing it.
My really good friend Traecy got me this co-pilot for Sam's birthday and we are having an absolute blast. On those few nights a week when Hank is off work we go on family bike rides and just explore. Sam usually sits back there humming to himself or singing his new favorite song "Sun, Sun Mr. Golden Sun please come shine on me", though his version is more like "Sun, Sun, ma me ma nane nana ME!"

I don't know why I don't have any pictures of Trevor and Lindsay, but they came down last weekend and visited us. We had a lot of fun just chatting and relaxing with them. We hung around the Florence's house for most of the visit and took advantage of the family go-cart!
Lucy (Hank's cousins' dog) had puppies and Sam is so giddy over them.
We spent Easter with the Florences. I think Sam got a little more into the hunt this time around.
A very dedicated egg finder.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sam turned Two

I might have gone a little overboard for Sam's birthday, but I can't help it, I really love celebrating. His Birthday fell on Conference weekend. Here he is enjoying some waffles and strawberries.

We had the missionaries and my friend Caryl over for breakfast before conference. Hank's uncle and his family came over a bit later. I love enjoying Conference with friends and family.

In between sessions we had a little family party outside on the benches in our apartment complex. Those are Hank's cousins and his aunt. Such an attractive family!

We came back inside for presents, cookies and ice cream. Sometimes I need to just stop buying him presents! The attractive Florence family gave him a fire engine. He wanted nothing else after that. He got a little loony during this period of time. I think he had a bit too much of a good thing.
Here I am with my dear friend Traecy. We are building Sam's birthday cake for his party. She has an amazing talent for cake decorating. I have never made such a cool cake and it was an absolute blast.

I can't believe I actually had a part in this amazing creation. After it was done Sam wanted to do nothing else but stare at it.

Party! I was going to have Sam's party at a park but the weather didn't cooperate so I changed locations last minute to our apartment. I think I liked it better because we could dance and there is nothing cuter to me then a bunch of little shaking bums.
We played the freeze dance game where if they froze they got a sticker on their face. I saw one of the little girls later on in the day and she still had four stickers scattered on her face! The best was that Sam had the most fun of anyone. He dancing,jiving, just giggling and laughing throughout the whole game. I think he was just tickled to have all his friends playing along with him all at the same time!

This picture is so hilarious. Look how desperate Sam looks for cake. He is trying so hard to restrain himself but won't last much longer.

Later that day we went to the grand opening for the new play place at the mall. Oh my goodness! isn't that a spectacle! Sam was in such a good mood the whole time. He would play, run around and then spot us on the other end of the play place, drop everything run towards us, giggling joyfully the whole way. He would then collapse in our arms and tickle our faces while saying 'mama, dada, mama, dada". There really isn't a better feeling then seeing your child so purely happy.

The next day was Rocklin Library's celebration kick-off for national library week. There was face painting, balloon animals, theatrical skits, and magic shows. We spent an hour and half there and an hour and 15 minutes of that were spent watching these two trains. He's obsessed.

I did manage to grab a balloon flower. Some mocked saying he should have a sword or something more "boy like", no I insisted, my boy likes to smell the flowers. Was I right or was I right?