Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh just some fun stuff

Sam has discovered that the glass over the fireplace shows his reflection. He loves being a fireman and whenever he wears his hat he has to see how cool he looks. Sometimes he even giggles.

My birthday was this week. We celebrated by rock climbing at a rocking climbing gym. We did the free form rock climbing because it was cheaper and we didn't need to learn any special skills. It was so hard! Both of our muscles were burning and I was sore all day the next day. Here is the problem with doing something new on a whim; you want to adopt it as a new hobby. I don't have time or money to invest into a rock climbing hobby but never the less I am excited to find new venues for this activity. It was really fun and challenging and I hope I can find a cheap way to do it more regularly.

Indian food, my absolute favorite. We found this small place a few months ago and have been dying to go back. It was so delicious except the food came out way too spicy. Normally I would be so so disappointed but when we told the manger, he was so concerned for my well being that he gave me a free mango drink and lots of yogurt to tame the food down. Despite the spiciness we left with smiles on our faces. Doesn't that just go to show what good service can for a business?

Sam has now started noticing his friends. It is really cute because when he is with someone he likes he gets this overwhelming surge of happiness and bursts out with laughter and glee and then attempts to gently hug his friend. It always ends up with both parties on the floor, sometimes tears are involved. The girl in this picture was a prime candidate for snuggling because not only was she a friend, she was a "baby". Fortunately Hank served as a protective barrier between the girl and the floor.

One of Sam's favorite pass times: smelling candles. We have spent over an hour in Bath and Body Works before smelling candles. I can say the same for Pier 1 imports, Target and Hallmark. We have a shared passion. If I am at the mall and I need to get somewhere, I have to take alternate routes so he won't recognize the prime candle smelling stores. Once he has spotted a candle to smell, it's all over, I have to stop everything and... well, have him smell the candles.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crazy week in SoCal

Sam and I enjoyed a beautiful and very crazy week in Southern California. A family I used to nanny on occasion flew me down so I could take care of their 5 kids while they went on a little vacation. Needless to say, it was quite the adventure.
I arrived a few days before I was needed so I was able to spend some time with my family. I had an entire day with my brother. Sam and I spent part of the day roamed around UCLA watching all the smart people hussle and bussle while we waited for my brother to be done with his classes. We then had lunch with him and his girlfriend which I am so angry I forgot to take a picture. I really liked her so hopefully that won't be my last meeting with her. The only annoying part was I had the flu and felt horrible. I was lucky I got better before the nannying began.  

Later we got to spend some time with my parents. I came just in time. My oldest sister just had a baby and my mom left the next day to be with her. It was perfect I got to have one night with my mom. Now I am looking forward to seeing my new beautiful niece!

Sam has really been taking an interest in musical instruments recently. I think he thought my Dad was just beyond cool to be able to play.
Traveling with out-of-ordinary naps never go well with my baby. He slept for over 3 hours after this picture was taken. He needed it!
We also got to spend a day with Hank's parents. He loves to cuddle with his Grandma Marty.
I have more pictures then I know what to do with from the eventful week so I will include just a few highlights. Here we are making designs on paper with colored bubbles. The oldest kid was gone all day being busy so he missed out on the fun most days.
Our walk to the park with their new dog. These kids are so fun because any activity we did was exciting and fun for them.
We attempted to make a home-made pinata. It went really well except for the part when we filled it with candy. It just collapsed. It was a worthy attempt and the kids had fun so I say it was still a success.
The week went really well and I thought it would end that way, but no. I was a minute late for check-in and they closed it, so I had to buy a stand-by ticket which I didn't get on. Basically I was at terminal 8 for United Airlines from 7am to 7pm. It was exhausting but I was grateful for the time I got to spend with Sam, especially since it was difficult to have one on one with him last week. The cute thing is now he loves his airplane toys.
This is basically the result of last week.