Tuesday, February 17, 2009

California Competition

I haven't updated in forever! I now have something interesting to post so it's very exciting. Hank and I spent a week in Fullerton, California at a KCACTF competition. It's a theater festival/scholarship competition. You have to get nominated by a representative from the festival in order to go. Hank of course got nominated. In order to compete you have to pick a scene partner and prepare two scenes and one monologue. Well, Hank asked me to be his partner! So Hank and I got to have a free week in California, with our own hotel room! It was a weird festival, but we didn't mind because we had so much fun being together.

We went up a few days early to see our family, which was wonderful.It just so happened that my Dad was in an art show at that time, so we got to go see his work. I am so proud of him. He won first place in his category, with a pastel picture of a snapple bottle. The picture the family is in front of isn't his winning picture, but still beautiful!

This is Hank and I with our festival badges, we were very official.

This is right after we performed our scene. Professors from colleges all over came to the festival to respond to people's scenes so everyone who performed could get some feedback. Please excuse me as I brag a little, but our respondent was pretty blunt to everyone in our group. I was worried we were going to get ripped on, but when she came to us she was very complimentary. That made it fun for me...especially since we didn't get to go to semi-finals.

It was actually really nice not having to worry about competing for the rest of the week, because Hank and I got to spend a lot of time just vacationing. I am glad we got this time together because after little Sam is born our life is going to be a lot different. This is a picture of us at the best yogurt place in the world, Yogurtland! Oh how I wish there was one here in Utah!

Yes your eyes are not deceiving you, this is a picture of Hank and I next to Buster from Arrested Development! He was one of the finalist judges at the festival. He was was really nice...of course.