Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Max and Zeke

I wanted to show all of you the boys I nanny. I worked the day after we got home from California and Max, who is almost 3 usually doesn't show too much excitement when I arrive. My visits usually mean that Mom and Dad are going to leave, so I feel pleased when he doesn't scream in terror and run away from me. Lately though we've been on good terms. Hank came with me to work and when we pulled up Max and Zeke were playing outside with their new cars. As soon as I got out of the car Max ran up to me yelling " 'eaha! 'eaha! " and gave me a big hug. I was so surprised, and then he did the same thing to Hank! Holly (their mom) said that Max kept asking throughout the holiday if I was coming over to play.They are so cute...I love my job.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I lost my camera midway into the trip so the rest of the pictures are from Disneyland. My mom gave us a trip to that magical land as a Christmas present. Isn't that just so sweet and nice!! We had so much fun. Hank and I went the previous week so we were in heaven to be back there. it was the best way to end our trip. Avery threw up on her shirt on the way there so Mom bought her the smallest shirt she could find. She looked kind of like a tomboy all day, which was especially cute during the princess coronation.Oh and the holiday parade was so cool, especially the toy soldiers, I want to be one of them!

California Trip

Hank and I had a lot of fun in California over the break. A bunch of the family went to Leo Carrillo beach (including Avery, my little niece) she was really cute. We would get caught in the wind and then try to push against it. It was a blustery day and sand would keep flying in our faces. It was beautiful though and definitely made me miss California.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Arizona trip

Our first bit of news is that we just got back from California! so sad to leave..before that we were in Arizona! again so sad to leave. Our friends Tyler and Danniey got married in Tucson, so we went down there for the wedding. It was gorgeous. The wedding and Tucson. We saw the visitor center of the Mesa temple all decked out for the holidays. It was a big missionary time for the Elders and Sisters who were serving there. They had an incredible crech exhibit. There was a luncheon that day and again everything was just beautiful. Here are some pics.

Our First Post!

We now have a blog! We'll try hard to keep everyone updated on everything! Okay,so to start things off, these are some pictures of us (in case you forgot what we look like)...