Monday, November 24, 2008

Cultural Festival

Hank and I went up to West Valley on Saturday to see the cultural/winter festival. It was so fun!

They had this "Trees of Diversity" competition, where a variety of Christmas trees were displayed that represented different cultures. The viewers got to vote for their favorite. We voted for the Bali tree, because it was the best one...obviously.

We were so lucky because for the time we were there they had Chinese musicians and singers as the live music portion of the day. It was sorta romantic because it brought memories back to us from China.

What a nice group of people.

This isn't the greatest picture, but you can kind of see all the venders. For me anyway, it's always fun to look at creative little crafts people in the commmunity are selling.

Hank and I NEVER do this, but we actucally bought a few things from the venders. Maybe it was the Chinese music that promoted the buys. Hank got a beanie and I got a necklace. I believe they are both very attractive. Anyway, we had so much fun and it was the perfect outing to start up the holiday season.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Diantha's Crossing Premier

We went to Hank's premier for "Diantha's Crossing" last night and it was pretty awesome. This was a movie he was in the church produced and was basically put together by BYU students, except for a few professionals. I was really impressed with it. It's historical, about a woman who grew up in the early church and the movie takes place near the end of her life. It address a lot of universal themes and isn't cheesy or contrived. The production value was incredible and of course the acting was amazing. I posted a link in a earlier post that has a clip of the movie. The clip doesn't really make sense if you haven't seen the movie but it does show the acting and the production value. For those who have KBYU keep your eyes open for this movie, because as far as I know that's all the distribution it is getting right now. I hope they do more with it.

This is Tom Russel, the director. He's a really funny guy and randomly knows Hank's uncles Scott and Mckay. He made a great movie. I hope he gets it into some film festivals.

This woman starred in the movie. She wrote the original version which was a one woman show. She was SO good. She is also the head of the acting track program at BYU. She is going to direct Macbeth this winter with Hank as Macbeth...I am so proud!

Our supportive friends! I don't have a picture of her but Mandy's roommate Diantha came. Mandy said she had to come because her name was Diantha. I thought was so sweet that she actually did!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Weekend

Here are some pictures from Halloween!

I saw Hank's show Sweeney Todd Thursday night. Hank was of course so funny and awesome. The show was outside which ended up being really neat being it was a really warm autumn evening. It got me in the mood for Halloween. This is a picture of him with the director of the show, Mindy. She's so cool, Hank and I both knew her previously from BYU.

Our niece Alicey is taking some treats during our trick or treating adventure. She is dressed as a chicken. She is so funny, half of her candy was already eaten before we got home. If you notice, Hank is way more into this than she is. I can't wait to see how he acts with his own kids.

All the world needs is a few more babies dressed up in costumes.

Hank loves his nephew Calvin, and I think its easy to see why.