Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Sock Doll Project

I've been slowly but surely trying to make our apartment a nice place to live. I love Sam's room the most. Hank's cousins lent me a book on how to make sock dolls and I really had fun with it.  I got some shelves on sale and decoupaged them to match. I made the "I am a Child of God" panel a while ago and was starting to dislike it, so I put it away.  It seemed to fit in with the ragginess of the dolls so I think it has found a place again. I am not a perfectionist and so everything I do has a million mistakes, but these dolls look really interesting and fun to me that way.


What matters most is that Sam likes it. This is the expression he gets when he spots a stuffed animal. He's in a stage right now where little, soft things are really cute. My favorite is when he sees a toddler his age and starts cooing at them. He definitely coos at his new sock dolls and that makes me feel good.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas tree farm and a lot of Santa pictures

Hank, Sam and I played hide and seek at a Christmas tree farm on the most beautiful day.

Doesn't seem like a December day does it? Hank said it's good he doesn't own a Christmas tree farm because he would just wander around all day, getting nothing done.

Sam is fully engaged in finding his parents...

Oh the joy when they are found!

Sam and I went to a fundraiser event for my mom's group. As part of the event these Santa pictures were free! Can you believe it? Sam felt safe as long as I was close by and he had his candy cane. In fact he was courageous enough to make eye contact with the creepy old man I was making him sit on.
"You don't say my good man"
"Mom you got to try this!"
No offense to that Santa but he looks especially ratty next to my son's precious little face.
Now the fun has begun.
...again let me mention these were free!
I am so grateful for that candy cane.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

More and more Sam

 Rocklin City had a Christmas Tree lighting Festival which we had to attend. They had Santa visits, horse drawn carriage rides, carolers, holiday treats, crafts and more. Sam's favorite activities were as follows:

Picking up rocks and throwing them into a bush.

 and having me names all the colors of the lights on this bush.
Now for some fun Sam Moments:

Balloons are one of his favorite activities. Doesn't his face just get you excited about balloons?
Napping is not his strong point.

Here we are at the library playing with scarfs during story time.
He hasn't had enough of putting things on his head apparently.
This is where Sam is 90% of the time when we are at home. My little book worm.