Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh just some random pictures

Sam is so cool. I brought some playdoh out. Five minutes later I heard Sam say " oh look it's an airplane". He's a genius!

Oh so adorable! 91bs 2oz now!

Lets get a closer look!

Sam needed a turn with the sleepy wrap. He really wanted us to put Milo in the wrap but we thought better of it.

Milo's favorite place...in my shirt.

He is really start to look around more and organize his world. He's responding to sounds and people's voices. His physical therapist said some of his movements are even ahead of babies his age (not adjusted age). I am so proud!

He loves Dad's singing voice, but who doesn't.

A alternative way to get some sucking going.

Sam loves cheese, especially "golden cheese". I need to start chaining the fridge close.

"hey, now that's one cute baby...I think I'll just look a bit longer"

This is Sam's tunnel trike. He came up with this one on his own too. This kid seriously cracks me up.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chubby Milo and a special visit.

For some reason Hank and I create little dwarf men.
Milo has reached his full gestational age! He turned "full term" on Feb. 5th, my original due date. Of course he could have been born sooner but for all intents and purposes he is approximately 2 weeks old. I never know what to say when people ask me how old my baby is :)

Sam likes to join Milo for his tummy time. Sam is so involved and interested in Milo to the point that if I change Milo's diaper without asking Sam to get a diaper for me first he will literally freak-out. He'll sometimes get concern if Milo isn't in the same room as him and he wakes up early (oh joy) just to see Milo. Sam has such a tender heart...a true Henry Florence.

Look at my chubby baby!!

He loves being wrapped up while taking a bath, just like Sam did. It is not only snuggly but awful cute.

One of the games Sam and I play with Milo if we are in need of a laugh.

My friend gave me a bunch of cute newborn clothes. I love dressing up Milo like a little doll but since its RSV season I can't take him anywhere to show him off...so here we are!

Hank's cousin called Milo a little baby gum drop and I just thought that was a perfect description.

Me and my boys,

Sam is one with his trike...no really he is. He is always riding it all over the house, the back yard, our neighborhood and we get out regularly so he can ride it at parks. He's so funny to us.

My parents came to visit just this last weekend and it was an absolute delight! Milo and my mom really hit it off. He could tell she knew what she was doing when she was with him :)

Milo just thinks my Dad is silly (which he kind of is)

Sam was just a pleasure the whole time they were here. I think he was on his best behavior because he wanted to impress his grandparents. He certainly succeeded.

Having a nice Mom is really great because they just help you with everything. My Mom made a discovery with my niece who was born just two weeks before Milo. Bouncing on an exercise ball makes babies happy. The day they arrived my dad ran out and bought us a ball and it has not only made Milo happier but the whole family. My mom also discovered that Milo likes the fans in the bathrooms. It's so nice to have a mom :)

While they were here we went to the Sutter Fort Historical Museum in Sacramento. We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived and it was "hands on history day". One of our favorite stops was the blacksmith shop. The blacksmith let Sam pump the fire which was awesome. Sam was extremely interested and watched intently as the blacksmith made a fork. Maybe he's found his calling and a century too late...sorry Sam. 

The other attraction for Sam were the musicians. He loves music so much. He just stared at them intently as he sorta bounced in rhythm. The musicians were so tinkled by him that when it was time to leave they followed us out as they played. Sam was just excited and kind of confused as well. All in all it was good time.

Taking a walk, a Sam specialty.

The best part about visiting a newborn baby...wouldn't you agree? Milo and Sam miss their grandparents already.