Sunday, May 30, 2010

Glasses, strawberries and smiles.

Sam loves pulling glasses off Grandma Marty's face. Well one day Marty put her glasses on Sam and he was as happy as all can be.Of course when the picture was taken he seemed otherwise. I thought it was post-worthy.

We tried again the next day with much more success.

Hehehe...what a nerd. He looks like a rabbit with those teeth.

Moving on to the actual substance of this post; Hank's sister was down for a couple weeks with her two girls and we did all sorts of fun stuff including a visit to the Underwood Family Farms. Sam is feeling pretty cool being in the wagon with his cousins.

Hay is fun to stand on. We also saw many animals and played in a play pit and did all sorts of cool things, but I don't have many pictures of those things...just the hay. Oh well.

The main event was wandering aimlessly for strawberries the pick. We finally discovered them after some direction was given. It was a trek out to the patch but oh was it worth it. Sam is concentrating very hard on enjoying the strawberry's delectable flavor.

It took some convincing to get the girls to wait until we bought the strawberries before eating them. Here we are enjoying our spoils. Sam and I were covered in red for the rest of the day.

Sam's new thing is this smile. I have decided to encourage this behaviour by giving him whatever he wants when he does it. I feel good about my decision.

I love you too, bud.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Happenings

Two weekends ago Hank and I went to an Earth Day fair. They had all sorts of booths and crafts. I was very excited about making paper. We went right before Sam's nap time and that was basically his expression the whole time. Even though he was tired I could tell he supported the event.

My mom is now a certified Yoga Instructor. She has been certifying all year and she finally graduated! We are all so proud of her!

Here she is waiting to get her graduation beads. Yeah Mom! you are an inspiration to us all!

My little sister went to Mormon Prom last Friday and oh my gosh did she have fun! the prom was at the Long Beach aquarium and I guess they really went all out. She is the youngest of the family and so there are no more proms for my parents. I asked my dad how he felt about that and he said "I guess it's sad but you really get worn out!".

My sister had to be the most beautiful girl at the prom! look at her. I think any guy would have just died to take such a pretty girl.

The weather has been magnificent and Sam and I have been taking advantage. I got him some sand toys I am not lying... hours of fun.

We also got him a little floaty thing. Look, he's a race car driver! Sam you are so silly!

More water fun. He spent a long time investigating the sprinkler and I think he finally decided it was too complicated for him and decided to stick to the little pool behind him. He is getting so big. He just turned 13 months. He's not walking yet but crawls exceptional well and pulls himself up on everything. He is also a huge talker. All day long he babbles to himself and I can tell he is mimicking what I say. He also loves to investigate how things work and notices the smallest details. Seriously I could sit and watch him all day. What a kid!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

First hair cut

I know many of you didn't know Sam even had hair and wonder if a haircut was really necessary.I mean when his hair gets wet it's completely invisible But to his adoring parents the rat tail that was forming in the back needed to go, even if it is only visual upon close inspection.  That's the way it goes when you have a toe head baby. Anyway, Sam did very well...the smock didn't last long.

Here is Papa Harv distracting him while Dad does the dirty work.

He doesn't know what he does to me...just look at that face...oh my gosh I love him.

 We start long and then worked our way in, Hank did a very nice job.

 Sam was giving us a hard time so we don't have the best back shot but if you squint I think you'll notice a difference. Man! he is one good- looking kid!