Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The best time in Washington!

Hank and I went up to Washington to visit my sister Sarah and her family. I realized I don't have any pictures of my brother-in-law Mike in this post, but trust me...he's really great too. Anyway, we had the BEST time! We did and saw so much and I can't believe how beautiful Washington is! The bestest best part was, of course, spending time with my sister's family. They are so wonderful and I just wished they lived closer because now I am missing them too much. These pictures are all out of order and random, but I think you will enjoy them anyhow.

The Ballard locks

I told Avery to make a serious face in this picture and that is what she came up with.

Birthday party for my two nieces! Their birthdays are 5 days apart. This is Elliott enjoying her cake...how cute!

Look how beautiful it is! So peaceful!

That right...that's me...got up my first time!

Hank was also a pro

We're on a ferry. Very nice, very fun.

Pike's market. This is the famous fish throwing market. I enjoyed trying all the jams and dips here.

How cute!

We had such a good time, I feel sad that it is over, but happy it happened. It will just have to be a yearly thing, I guess.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My baby is getting so big!

Sam is getting so big and we are loving it around here! Please allow me to indulge...

I found a Jonny Jump up on Craig's list and got it right away. He's still a little small for it but seems to like it.

He spends more time gnawing on the jump up then actually jumping. It makes for a cute face and picture.

Look how cute he is!!!!!!!! He is so smiley and friendly, he just loves to be played with.

I put him in a shopping cart to see if he would fit and he kinda did. He lasted in there for maybe five minutes before he started slumping over. He makes me laugh because he usually never complains when I try new things, he just goes with it even if it is obviously not working.

Rice cereal has begun! Again he eats and eats without fussing. He doesn't seem to enjoy it, but he doesn't seem not to enjoy it either.

Look at my big boy in his chair! I am so proud!

I finally got a video of him rolling over!! Everyday is so exciting!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Random update, but an update!

So I haven't updated in a while because it has been so so fun and busy around here. Like I said in my last post Hank's sister Leah has been down with her Husband and two kids. Hank and I have been spending all the time we possibly can with them. It is sad because they left last week and we miss them so much :( We have had family visits from every side and angle since they arrived, so it's strange to have everything back to normal now. Hank and I have been having fun though and that is why I need to update!

Sam is getting so big. He will be 5 months on Thursday! He just had his overdue 4 month appointment. He is 16.5 pounds and 22.5 inches. He laughs and smiles all the time and he can roll over now. He is AMAZING!!

Dado and Grandma (Hank's grandparents on his Dad's side) came for a week. We were having pancakes at the beach when this picture was taken. I couldn't resist. Grandma was so cold.

Same is having some special time with his great-grand parents.

Henry junior with Henry the fifth.

Like I said we were so sad to see them go. This is Martin, Leah's husband and their son Oliver. Look how fun they are to have around!

To make ourselves cheer up after Leah and Martin left, we went to Disneyland again. Sam is enjoying some quality time with Bethany (my sister) and Summer (Hank's sister).

Disneyland has been a regular event this summer as well as going to the beach. This last time Hank made a throne for Sam.

Sam chilling in his throne.

I visited Hank at his work at Cheesecake Factory and discovered that Sam is big enough to fit into one of their high chairs. Look how proud he is!