Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The best time in Washington!

Hank and I went up to Washington to visit my sister Sarah and her family. I realized I don't have any pictures of my brother-in-law Mike in this post, but trust me...he's really great too. Anyway, we had the BEST time! We did and saw so much and I can't believe how beautiful Washington is! The bestest best part was, of course, spending time with my sister's family. They are so wonderful and I just wished they lived closer because now I am missing them too much. These pictures are all out of order and random, but I think you will enjoy them anyhow.

The Ballard locks

I told Avery to make a serious face in this picture and that is what she came up with.

Birthday party for my two nieces! Their birthdays are 5 days apart. This is Elliott enjoying her cake...how cute!

Look how beautiful it is! So peaceful!

That right...that's me...got up my first time!

Hank was also a pro

We're on a ferry. Very nice, very fun.

Pike's market. This is the famous fish throwing market. I enjoyed trying all the jams and dips here.

How cute!

We had such a good time, I feel sad that it is over, but happy it happened. It will just have to be a yearly thing, I guess.


Will & Cheyenne said...

That baby sleeping shot is SO CUTE!!

Mike Walker said...

There is a shot of my leg in one of the pictures.

Katie Tungate said...

I just LOVE Washington! I am so glad you shared your pictures. It really makes me want to go back.

Sarah said...

Ariel and I had a day in WA for our honeymoon - we also couldn't believe how beautiful it was. Cute family

secwalker said...

What do you mean "I guess" . . .I think you mean "of course we'll make it a yearly thing." :) Thanks for taking all the pictures; although, you posted far too many with me in them!

Violet and Thomas said...

I love Washington!!!!!

I just have to tell you, your skit/song was so stinkin funny!!! I have had several people tell me they thought it was the best act. Thank you so much for doing it. Do you know if anyone got a video of it? I would love a copy if you have it. You guys are just too cute!