Monday, February 22, 2010

Sam is so cute I have to indulge myself

Hank's new favorite thing to do it stick little puffs on Sam's face.

So, Sam has two little teeth and I sometimes forget that they are there. Sam occasionally reminds me of this  as can be seen by the demolished tangerine.

It's been warm around here recently so I pulled out Sam's pool which I bought for him when he was like 3 months old. I can't believe how big he's gotten! Oh they grow so fast.

Look no hands! He does this thing now where he'll be supporting himself against a wall or bench and then he'll take his hands off to see if he can balance by himself. It's cute, trust me.

I wish I hadn't cut their heads off in this picture, oh well you get the idea. Hank is so silly with Sam, that now whenever Sam sees Hank after not seeing him for a while Sam just starts laughing.

Sam enjoying my mother's window plants. I guess kitchen utensils weren't interesting enough for him.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Utah Vacation

Hank, Sam and I took an incredible vacation to Utah. We wanted to go back to visit old friends and family and just to take a vacation! We did so much everyday I don't even know where to start. The picture above was taken near the end of the trip. I think Sam was changed for the better, he is quite the sophisticated guy.

The first night we hung out with Hank's siblings, ate homemade greek food (Heather is such a good cook) and played "Ticket to Ride"...just like old times.

Tuesday we went sledding. Sam was fascinated with the snow and kept burying his face in it. We went with Heather (Hank's sister) and her two girls Alicey and Olivia. We had such a great time...maybe I could live in the snow someday...ummmm?

Cousins in the snow.

We visited some old friends Ben and Sheryl. They had an adorable 3 month old daughter named Rachel. Sam loves little baby girls. He was smiling and reaching for her all night. I can't blame him, she was adorable, though she look disturbed by Sam's fancy in this picture.

We did the Salt Lake Temple Square thing on Wednesday. Very beautiful.

And then my favorite; The Church History Museum.

Sam woke up for the science center...we think we are so funny.

Spencer and Kim...good friends.

Thursday night we visited the boys...Max and Zeke, the boys I used to nanny and of course we chatted with their parents. The night was filled with light saber fights, jumping on the bed, hide and seek and lots of running around.

As you can tell Sam is moving so much he looks like a ghost in this picture. Few times have I seen him this excited. All the energy from the boys made him go crazy with laughter and movement. It was really funny and cute.

I love boys.

Friday night we visited Danniey and Tyler, our good friends. They have a son, Calvin who is the same age as Sam. It was fun seeing them interact. I like this picture. We were at the BYU creamery on our way out. In front of the entrance we decided to try and get the boys to kiss each other. We were making a scene as we laughed and exploded with joy at our boys. We didn't realize we were blocking incomers and creating general confusions. After regaining our barrings we exited and all four of us realized we have become those annoying parents everyone gives dirty looks too. We can't help it! Our boys are so cute!

What a nice family!

We did tons of other things but I think I will end here at risk of being boring and furthering my annoying parent persona. We really did have a great time and feel so much love for all the friendships we have made over the years.