Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Sam went on his first trip to Disneyland yesterday, and oh my freaking gosh it was so fun!!!!

As you can tell Sam had the time of his life!

We've arrived! Another reason why I love sleepy wrap...Sam can eat while we're going!

Hank proposed to me in front of Sleepy Beauty's castle. My mom had a good idea which we are going to start; make a tradition of taking a family picture in front of the castle, where it all started.

Jedi Knight show!

You cant really tell but we are inside the tiki room. Oh boy was Sam looking around!

We got a first visit pin.

Sam was very interested in his pins the whole time. He was so proud to be there!

California Adventure time

Mid-day we were exhausted so we chilled in the animation building for a while. Sam has a refined taste for Disney musicals, so it was a perfect place for him to analyze the animated projections.

Back to Disneyland...It was getting later but Sam couldn't get enough!

Small world

Sam was entranced by the people of the world...he is so cultured!

The day ended with a walk around main street.

Instead of buying him cute things we just take pictures of him wearing them. Look how much he loves mickey!

We had the best time! I think we are just going to have to become season pass holders soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life Life Life

My little Sam is three months old now, well actually 3 months and 11 days old. He is such a happy baby we go on many adventures together.

Sam chilling at the beach. He enjoyed his little set-up very much. He stayed there staring at mom for probably a half-hour. My mom said it was very distracting. He's a charmer.

Hank and I went hiking in Wildwood Canyon last Saturday. It was a blast. Sam slept through a lot of it. When he was awake he was looking all around...so much to see!

He got a new hat recently. Oh my gosh he is so cute!

We went to Shakespeare in the Park with my parents. We saw Macbeth, cool uh? It was a nice production but since I just saw the most talented actor play the role just in April, I was less then impressed. As you can see Sam didn't have high expectations either.

Beach time is the best time. Sam is very serious when it comes to feeling the sand between his toes and having the waves wash up against his legs.

For the 4th of July Hank, Sam and I went to the Ronald Reagan library and it was like the best time ever. Sam was very patriotic.

Hank makes me laugh.

I can't resist putting up cute pictures of Sam.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our first camping trip with Sam

So Hank had a couple days off from work so we decided to go on a camping trip! We went to McGrath beach and had an amazing time.

Sam is beautiful in this picture.

Our family at our site. Sam is looking all around.

My dad came down for the night. We ate and made music, it was so fun!

Sam was memorized by the fire as we all are.

We are in the tent, but you probably can't tell. He was the most lively in the tent. I think it's because it was so windy and it made lots of noise against the fabric of the tent. We were having a lot of fun when this picture was taken.

Our walk to the beach the next day was beautiful, as you can tell.

Our little bundle of joy!

After the beach we went to the Channel Islands museum.

Sam is looking at the tide pool. It was very interesting to him.

Next we went to a park, where we flew a kite, lost it and and then found it again. This is the flying part of the story. Sam slept a lot.

Our walk at the Ventura beach. So beautiful, I love California.

We went swimming after the trip to clean off. As far as I can tell Sam loves water.

I love my family!

As you probably could tell, I also cut my hair. It's really short and I think I like it. that's all I have to say about that.