Monday, November 2, 2009


Sam and I had a very eventful Halloween.

This is us at our Halloween ward party. Sam went as Charlie Brown and I went as Lucy. I think Sam looks like Charlie Brown. Hank wanted to go as the Marx Brothers but he had to work, so we are putting that costume idea on hold. I think Sam would have been a cute Harpo...oh well.

A close-up of the cutest Charlie Brown around.

On Thursday we went to Disneyland. They had it all dressed up for Halloween. They also changed space Mountain to Ghost was spooky!

California Adventure was all Halloweened up as well.

This is us waiting for the celebration Parade to start...which ended up breaking down, creating a lot of awkward moments for the dancers...Sam's face says it all.

I think we are going to start a new tradition. Hank brought hot chocolate packets with us and we drank hot chocolate while waiting for the fireworks. It was such a memorable moment. Sam ate a spoon. They had the coolest Halloween fireworks show as well!

Sam and I joined my parents and sister for the Spanish Branch's ward party. My dad is the high council member over that branch. This is a picture of my parents in line for the costume contest. Before the party Sam got a hold of a leftover birthday balloon at our house. He was pretty fussy until he started playing with the balloon so we brought it with us. That balloon was like a comfort toy or something because he held onto it the whole night.

My mom was being silly and dancing all around with Sam to show him off no doubt. Good thing Sam had his balloon to keep him safe.

Basically my family were the only ones dancing,. They are so fun and silly.

Hours after the party ends and Sam still needs his balloon.

Since poor, sweet, hardworking Hank missed out on both Halloween parties we had to make Halloween day really fun. This the whole family carving pumpkins.

Sam made use of the pumpkin guts. He loves Halloween!

Hank went into work that night so Sam and I went Trick or Treating at the mall. It was so busy! Which is perfect for a wide-eyed baby. He enjoyed eating the wrappers of candy while I enjoyed eating real candy. We were both satisfied. What a fun Halloween!