Saturday, March 24, 2012

Is this even the same baby?

 Milo's physical therapist commented to me during his last visit that he doesn't even look like the same baby anymore. I see him changing everyday but it is still much more gradual. Looking back on just the last 3 months it is absolutely incredible how much he has grown. Not only in size but in development as well. To me Milo is nothing short of a miracle and continues to amaze and teach me new things all the time. His little spirit is felt in our home as he works everyday to grow and move. I have been told since Milo's birth by nurses, doctors and his physical therapist that he'll need to take the next two years to "catch up". In my eyes his determination and strength far exceeds any catching up that needs to be done. I am sincerely humbled to be the mother of such a person. It is excited to see where this baby takes us.

Milo was at his smallest here 3lbs 10oz I think.

He was a week old at this point and this picture was the best I had at the time. It still is sitting on our mantle. I keep meaning to take it down but it now kind of serves as a reminder of how far we have come.

3 months old and can already hold his head up! Sam couldn't even do that at 3 months! (though Sam didn't really do much at the right maybe I shouldn't compare :))

You can't tell me this boy doesn't have a special spirit!

 I think I just stared at him for ten minutes before I took this picture. I blame Milo for my messy house.

It looks like Sam is smashing Milo's head but he's not, well maybe he is, but poor Milo is used to aggressive love by now. I tell you these boys are just fascinated with each other. This picture is not only very tender but it shows how big my baby is! Milo I like that's your growing but don't do it too fast okay.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My cute kids

We have been waiting and it's finally happening...

Milo's smiling!

The other day was really warm so played with water. Here is Sam throwing beans in the tub of water, and I quote "oh! beans, here we go to Sa't Yake (Salt lake). Oh and all the beans are going to Sa't we gooo!" He is getting excited about the trip we are taking to Utah in a couple weeks. All his toy trains, buses and cars have made the trip to valley, it only makes sense that the beans need to make the voyage.  
"oh Mom, oh mom...Sam's in the water mom. Yeah, Sam's just in the water a little bit. Oh Mom, oh Sam's paint'n. Yeah, Sam just paint'n"

That is pretty much Sam's face anytime he sees Milo. Notice how worried Milo looks...I'll say it again Sam is Lenny from Mice and Men. He has a lot of heart and a lot of aggression. Poor smothered Milo.

He's thinking...I just asked him what his thoughts were on racial prejudices in America. He always gives me the most insightful answers.

We visited the Easter Bunny. It took a second for Sam to warm up (which is unusual in any setting) but as soon as he did, he didn't leave the bunny alone. I love this age, everything is so magical, new and exciting.

I have been taking Sam to story time since he was 17months old and this is the first time he sat down for longer than a minute. I had to get proof so I took a picture. Notice his shoes and socks are off. It's like he's saying "I'll grow up but on my own terms".
More smiles!

we really like each other.

I love how you can Sam in this one. He's just as thrilled as I am to see Milo smile. Isn't this what family is all about? I love these moments.