Saturday, March 10, 2012

My cute kids

We have been waiting and it's finally happening...

Milo's smiling!

The other day was really warm so played with water. Here is Sam throwing beans in the tub of water, and I quote "oh! beans, here we go to Sa't Yake (Salt lake). Oh and all the beans are going to Sa't we gooo!" He is getting excited about the trip we are taking to Utah in a couple weeks. All his toy trains, buses and cars have made the trip to valley, it only makes sense that the beans need to make the voyage.  
"oh Mom, oh mom...Sam's in the water mom. Yeah, Sam's just in the water a little bit. Oh Mom, oh Sam's paint'n. Yeah, Sam just paint'n"

That is pretty much Sam's face anytime he sees Milo. Notice how worried Milo looks...I'll say it again Sam is Lenny from Mice and Men. He has a lot of heart and a lot of aggression. Poor smothered Milo.

He's thinking...I just asked him what his thoughts were on racial prejudices in America. He always gives me the most insightful answers.

We visited the Easter Bunny. It took a second for Sam to warm up (which is unusual in any setting) but as soon as he did, he didn't leave the bunny alone. I love this age, everything is so magical, new and exciting.

I have been taking Sam to story time since he was 17months old and this is the first time he sat down for longer than a minute. I had to get proof so I took a picture. Notice his shoes and socks are off. It's like he's saying "I'll grow up but on my own terms".
More smiles!

we really like each other.

I love how you can Sam in this one. He's just as thrilled as I am to see Milo smile. Isn't this what family is all about? I love these moments.


Gramma Marty said...

I'm soooooooo excited to see your whole family in just 2 weeks in Sa't Yake Valley. What cute smiles from both your boys. Can't wait can't wait to hold and hug them.

danniey said...

They are both just so adorable!!! Such cuties! Any chance we can get us and our 4 collective boys together when you come! We miss you guys so much!!!

Anna said...

The boys are sooooo cute! I can't wait to meet MIlo!! xoxo

secwalker said...

oh my gosh, too much cuteness in just one post.

Summer Florence said...

you guys are so cool. i love how much sam loves levi. its pretty sweet. im really looking forward to seeing you all so soon!!!! love yoU!!!

Megan Tea said...

I love your family! Sam and Milo are the coolest kids. I am so glad they are both doing so well.