Monday, August 29, 2011

Ultra-sound (s)

I am usually such a consistent blogger but this pregnancy has really taken it's toll. The big news is that we went in for the 20 week ultra-sound. Here is what happened: the ultra-sound technician was really dim. I could barely understand anything he said. He seemed nice enough but should probably not have a job where he is interacting with pregnant women. He was so focused on getting measurements and the right picture he barely explained what was going on. I felt like I was getting my leg x-rayed, not having the ultra-sound to see my growing baby! Then I felt like my world came to a crashing halt. I am measuring at 16 weeks not 19 weeks. The technician told us it was too early to tell the sex. I felt pretty disappointed after that. It is difficult for me to feel sick constantly and to know that I have to go through it a month longer than I thought is a bit discouraging. I have to admit I am feeling much better now but at the time I was doubled over with sickness probably from the disappointment. Here are some is an absolute miracle that my body is creating this.

I told a friend about my experience and she said if I am really anxious to know the sex of the baby I should go to another ultra-sound technician who will tell you the sex as early as 16 weeks. So that is exactly what I did. Hank and I were just thrilled about the whole experience. Her office was comfortable with a big screen TV displaying the imaging. She was kind, friendly and could tell the sex right away (it was a bit obvious). We smiled, laughed and got teary eyed. I told Hank from now on we are having our own 16 week ultra-sound before we do any other ultra-sounds. Maybe I am picky but that experience really helps me get excited about my pregnancy and so it better be a good one! So now are you ready to know?

Those are cars PJ's. We bought them right after we found out, a little tradition. I am beside myself with joy. I am going to have two little boys! This is one of those times where I love modern day technology. Happy day!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I am 17ish weeks along now and even though people say I am not showing that much I feel like I obviously am! I have already gained the same amount of weight that I gained my entire pregnancy with Sam (I was so sick :( ) I must have had a really good day the last time I posted because the morning sickness definitely didn't leave me. I have been constantly nauseous throwing up nearly everyday sometimes several times a day.  Fortunately I feel like the last few days something has been lifted and I am starting to feel a bit better. I really don't want to jinx it though because last time I thought I felt better everything got almost worse! Lets just hope if I am sick the entire time like I was with Sam I will a good attitude about it and keep my head above water. My husband and my son have been my anchors during these last few months of sickness. Seeing Sam grow and talk really puts things in perspective. For example the other night I was putting him down for bed and told him I was going to go. He requested another kiss and I told him I would give him three "one, two, three..goodnight" his response "four?", oh alright and I gave him another, his next response "ten?". In those moments I just realize it's all worth it. Hank and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary a week ago and I just feel so grateful to be creating a life with him. He is my hero and my angel. 

I have felt the baby a bit but it's slight and sometimes I have a hard time knowing if it's the baby or the war that is constantly happening in my stomach. I know I felt a definite "pow" a few days ago. I am so anxious for all the movement soon to be felt. It makes it so real and exciting at that point.

Other than that no major changes (at least none I want to publish on the web). The next time I do a pregnancy update I will probably know the sex of the baby. I am hoping to find out in a least three weeks. So go ahead and guess, it's fun! Hank and I are prepared for names either way and I honestly have no inclination if it's a boy or a girl so give us your ideas!

I have a lot more updating to do that isn't pregnancy related so we'll see if I can get enough energy to get to that!