Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Festivites

 It has been a LOOONNNGG time sing my last blog so I hope I am not forgotten about in the blogger world amongst my friends and family. Between pregnancy, moving into a new house (I'll blog about that later), planning a boutique with my MOMS Club, church, friends and trying to keep up with my two year old....I've been a headless chicken. It is nice to find some time to recap a little and hopefully I can keep it up!

Hank has also been busy but as a family we managed to find some time at the start of the Halloween season to visit a giant pumpkin patch. We had a really magical day. Looking at that picture makes me realize how attractive the boys in my life are! No wonder I want to be around them all the time!

This was Sam's reaction as we wondered through the preliminary pumpkin patch: "tats a pumkan (points) ....tats a pumkan (points)...tats a pumkan (points)...tats a big pomkan...tats a yucky pumpkin...tats a pumkan (points)etc, etc, ect" we did this for a while. He talked about going to the pumpkin patch for days before we went, so I think he needed to soak up the reality of actually being there.

I tried feeding the goats after this picture was taken and I had the same expression on my face.

Oh its so nice to have Daddy time. One time I made Sam laugh and after we giggled for a while he stopped and said "no Mommy, Daddy's funny", I guess I overstepped my boundaries.

This is prime Mommy time; snuggling on the tractor ride. It is awesome but a little scary and its nice to have a mommy nearby. He still managed to point out to us that there were pumpkins "tats a pumpkin...tats a pumkan!"

So the tractor ride took us out to the real pumpkin patch where we got to search for our own. Strangely enough most of the pumpkins were nasty or rotting so it really was a search, Sam described most of the pumpkins as "yucky'. It made the hunt that much more fun and in the end we found a family of pumpkins.

This pumpkin is "Sammy's Pumkan"
It was such a fun experience for all of us. We have our three pumpkins outside our front door and every day when we go outside Sam goes through his pumpkin routine; "Mommy's pumkan, Daddy's pumkan, Sammy's Pumkan!(pause) take Sammy's pumkan" then he picks up Sammy's pumpkin and begins carrying it out to the car before realizing he doesn't want to carry it anymore and sets it down in some random location.  We have to be careful not to mention pumpkins in our house otherwise he'll want  to "go to pumkan patch and pick a pumkan!"
I am somewhere around 6 months now. I'll get a more accurate day at my next ultra-sound. I went from measuring at 19 weeks to 26 weeks in a 3 week period. Milo had a bit of a growth spurt and now I have no idea what my due date it. I do have to say I enjoy looking pregnant. It gives meaning to the misery, though I am do so much no complaints here!

Well I had to quail his love for pumpkins! We went to a smaller less eventful pumpkin patch with my MOMS Club.


I love find little surprises, like how entertaining a wheelbarrow can be. I need to store that little nugget away.

That cheesy smile never gets old to a mother.

Getting ready for our ward Halloween party. Looks like Elmo is a little sedated from "op-e-na" or oatmeal, but I think a little sugar fix will pep him right up.

I love that Sam is getting older and can start participating during events like this one. He got his face painted, played games, marched in the parade and went trick or treating. It also makes me miss my little baby Sam. They grow so fast!!
These are two of Sam's best friends. He has a crush on the smaller one and often talks about her and then giggles to himself afterwards. His social nature is already showing itself in spades especially with the ladies. He also has such a tender heart for his friends and for babies. Today he was singing to himself in the car, something made-up and I overheard him say to himself "I  'uv babies...(sign)". I hope that love keeps up when Milo comes and he has to share his Mommy!