Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Move!

The week before we left was bitter-sweet as you can imagine. Hank, Sam and I have been living near so much family and now was the time for departure. I think we made the best of the week though.

One of my favorite activities was going to this exclusive beach in Malibu. My mom and brother found this cool cave so Hank, Bethany, Daniel and I had to go exploring. It was beautiful...I really am going to miss the beach.

Over at the Grandma and Grandpa Florence household we had some visitors that same week. Hank's sister Heather along with her hubby Ceasar, his mom and sister and of course their two girls Alicey and Olivia came around. We had a really nice time with them as always. Kids grow so fast!

Light isn't so good here...sorry. My amazing family took their entire Saturday to drive 2 vans up to where we are living which is about 6 hours away and then drove home in the same day. I can't thank them enough, I really felt so loved.

Right after they left Hank and I made a mad dash to costco. We had no food, cleaning supplies, nothing...we are basically starting from scratch. When got there we discovered the store was closing in twenty minutes. I felt like I was on the Toy R Us toy run. We filled up two carts in less then twenty minutes and when Hank ran back to grab some bananas he got yelled at. It was probably one of the most fun costco trips I have been on. When we got back to the car we realized how small it was. Sam had to share the back seat.

Little did we know the entire week would be like that costco trip. We had to buy all new furniture, linens, cleaning supplies, kitchenware etc. Between craig's list, garage sales and goodwill I have to say we did pretty well. Some of our more complete rooms are below.

Dining room.

Living room

Probably my favorite room, Sam's room. The other half is cute too.

Our neighbors have cats who frequently come up to our kitchen window to say hi. Sam gets so excited and bangs on the glass while yelling out gibberish..."ahh-kit-ka-kay-kit", he is getting close. He is actually becoming more coherent everyday. He is constantly asking "who dat?" or "wha dat?". He also says other words like doggie, Daddy and of course Nana (but I don't know if that counts as a word, even though it is his favorite).

Hank's Aunt and Uncle live near us and they have been so good to us this week. Their youngest, Addy adores Sam and Sam I think is a little perplexed on why she pays so much attention to him. I can tell he likes her company because he actually will reach out for her. She convinced her parents to buy Sam that outfit on a recent trip and I have to say she has good taste.

Sam loves going over to their house. They have cats, puppies, chicken, tons of space to explore and of course Addy. He is starting to recognize the house. Last time we went over he pointed to the house as we were walking up and started speaking rapidly. I am so looking forward to getting close to this family.

After an exhausting week we decided we needed some family time, so we went to Old Town Sacramento. I am so excited to get more familiar with this area and it's history, because there is so much! We found this awesome toy store which filled up probably half of our trip. Oh Sam now makes certain sounds like "Choo Choo" for a train and "ooh-ahh" for a monkey. He is certainly growing.

This is the land of trains. Someday when we go to the train museum I'll tell you all about it, but for now, all I know is that there are trains everywhere. We hear little a "Choo Choo" voice a lot.

So we are excited about our future up here and feel very good about the community and environment. I hope to keep in touch more often since we are further away now. Love you all!