Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hank and I went to the amusement park Lagoon like a week a half ago and I keep forgetting to post it. It was really fun.

I think this is in front of the spider ride. It kind of hurt and I think you can see why.

The spider is now spraying venom at us, good picture taking timing.

Hank convinced me to go on a water ride and promised I wouldn't get wet, well he was wrong and I was not amused.

This picture does not tell enough. This ride was probably the most fun we had because you could maneuver yourself with the front sail. I have never laughed so hard on a ride in my life. Hank kept yelling "move it up, and now you move it right...and nooooowww to the left!" We were spinning up and down and out of control. Between Hank's yelling and my hysterical laughter you could probably hear us all the way to Pioneer village.

This is a church at pioneer village. I got really tired during the middle of the day and feel asleep at this church for an hour. Not very comfortable actually.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Opposite Song

Okay this is so funny! It's from Hank's TV show..you have to take a minute to watch!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kelty's Birthday :)

My friend Kelty had a birthday and so we celebrated, it was really fun! Kelty is the one with the curly hair and the other girl who is so adoroable with her 81/2 months pregnant tummy is Maryn. We went out to lunch and then to this really cool place where you paint ceramics. The ceramics are really cute and useful things likes coasters and vases. I tried to be artistic with my vase but had no plan and I think it's going to end up looking dirty (whooop-dee-do for my major). I guess I won't find out till later, it takes half a week until you get your item back because they have to fire for you. Anyway we walked around the mall afterwards for a little bit and just enjoyed each other's company. I went horse-backing riding with these girls a couple months ago and I feel like we make a really fun trio.

Friday, August 8, 2008

My Amazing Week with Bethany!

Bethany and I seriously had the best week ever! She flew in last Friday and had to leave today :( I was not ready to see her go. For those who don't know, Bethany is my cute 16 year old sister, She is as wonderful as she looks.

For the first day we went up to Salt Lake and walked around Temple square. We also went to the Salt Lake planetarium where we tried space ice-cream and accidentally exploded one of the gooey toys at the gift shop.

We went out to this bread shop for breakfast called Kneaders. They have really fat delicious French toast, we didn't eat much for the rest of the day.

Later that day we planned on taking a camping trip up in a canyon but somehow out camping trip shriveled down to making a tin foil dinner at a park. It was actually really fun, we each became a member of the midnight society and got up in front of each other and told ghost stories. The foil took a long time to make so we also sang and played charades We are all such hams.

Sunday night we went over to Mandy's for dinner and games. It was a blast, Beff was really cute and anytime she was sitting alone she would find me and stand next to me until I noticed, finally I said "Beff do you need a friend?"

We made paper and then put it into our homemade book...oooe I wish I had a picture of our book. It took all week to make but it was awesome!

Beff went to work with me two days in a row. Max and Zeke LOVED her. whenever Beff would leave the room, Max would ask me "is your friend coming back?"

We went to the pool the second day and it was awesome, I thought this picture was cute. Zeke just wanted Beff to hold him all day. She is so good with kids.

For her last day we woke up early and went on a hike. I look like a dork, Hank kept calling me Paddington bear.

We had so much fun, we did so many other things! Beff and I were like candy freaks for some reason and ate so much candy every time we had a chance. We also discovered we make good shopping buddies and we have the same taste in home decor. The best times for me were when we would just find random place to walk around like Thanksgiving point, Ikea or the Mall. Anyway we had fun and I miss her already.

Friday, August 1, 2008

4 year anniversary!

So it's been four years since Hank and tied the knot! The time has flown. For our anniversary we went out to dinner and a movie. It was really fun and romantic (The Dark Knight was awesome!). During dinner Hank and I made a top ten list of the highlights of the past four years. they might not be fun for anyone else but I liked them so I am going to post them anyway. I love being married, there is so much joy and happiness in this kind of life. I am so grateful I found someone who I care about and who cares about me.

Top Ten (in no particular order)

1. Skydiving on our honeymoon

2.Eating a box of Bertie Bot's every flavor Bean in Old town San Diego during our 1st anniversary.

3. Hiking up the 3rd most famous mountain in China with two Italians guys we found along the way. I have never been more physically exhausted and Hank and I after the hike have never eaten so much KFC.

4. Going to BYU with the intention of going to the ward's Valentine's Day dance but getting lost and ending up wandering through every building on campus while talking.

5. Restaurant hopping one evening on Borcay beach in the Philippines, so romantic!

6. Spending half a day hiking up Rock Canyon Park in Provo and learning why my hands swell up on a hike, and spending the other half of the day swimming in a lake up in Payson.

7. Reading the 7th Harry Potter book out loud to each other and finishing it in 2 days. We had to an emotional release walk after the experience.

8. Trying to save money so spending a week eating nothing else but the free food supplied by our Starving Student Cards.

9. Getting caught in a rain storm in China, we were too frugal to take a cab, so we ran home on the train tracks. As soon as the water began to gush from the sky Hank took me behind a tree and kissed me, then we ran all the way home. When we got to the school everyone was laughing at us.

10. Every night before going to bed wrapping our arms around each other. We both agree this is our favorite time of the day.

There are a so many more and I know there will be many many more as the years go on.