Friday, August 8, 2008

My Amazing Week with Bethany!

Bethany and I seriously had the best week ever! She flew in last Friday and had to leave today :( I was not ready to see her go. For those who don't know, Bethany is my cute 16 year old sister, She is as wonderful as she looks.

For the first day we went up to Salt Lake and walked around Temple square. We also went to the Salt Lake planetarium where we tried space ice-cream and accidentally exploded one of the gooey toys at the gift shop.

We went out to this bread shop for breakfast called Kneaders. They have really fat delicious French toast, we didn't eat much for the rest of the day.

Later that day we planned on taking a camping trip up in a canyon but somehow out camping trip shriveled down to making a tin foil dinner at a park. It was actually really fun, we each became a member of the midnight society and got up in front of each other and told ghost stories. The foil took a long time to make so we also sang and played charades We are all such hams.

Sunday night we went over to Mandy's for dinner and games. It was a blast, Beff was really cute and anytime she was sitting alone she would find me and stand next to me until I noticed, finally I said "Beff do you need a friend?"

We made paper and then put it into our homemade book...oooe I wish I had a picture of our book. It took all week to make but it was awesome!

Beff went to work with me two days in a row. Max and Zeke LOVED her. whenever Beff would leave the room, Max would ask me "is your friend coming back?"

We went to the pool the second day and it was awesome, I thought this picture was cute. Zeke just wanted Beff to hold him all day. She is so good with kids.

For her last day we woke up early and went on a hike. I look like a dork, Hank kept calling me Paddington bear.

We had so much fun, we did so many other things! Beff and I were like candy freaks for some reason and ate so much candy every time we had a chance. We also discovered we make good shopping buddies and we have the same taste in home decor. The best times for me were when we would just find random place to walk around like Thanksgiving point, Ikea or the Mall. Anyway we had fun and I miss her already.


Will & Cheyenne said...

Hey girl!
I used to check your blog like EVERY day to see any updates....but finally took a break. Now I check and realize I've missed some stuff! Congrats on 4 years! That's incredible!! You and Beth looked like you had so much fun! You Cusworths are lucky to have sisters. Hope you guys are happy! Love to you!

secwalker said...

I'm so glad you're blogging again Badu :) You and Beff look like you're having so much fun. When do we get to hang out like that???? love you.