Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hank's Birthday!

For Memorial Day we roasted marshmallows with Hank's 2nd cousin Chris and his family. They were so sweet and bought Hank a birthday cake!

...all the cake info was just a prelude for this picture.

I'd say Sam is getting pretty good at puzzles.
Hank had his birthday on Friday but we celebrated it the day before. At first we got a babysitter but then after some thought Hank decided he wanted Sam to be there. I am so glad we brought him along, he was so fun. Lets just say after this restaurant outing Sam goes around the house saying "suuuushe, suuushe" with a big smile on his face.

After "suuuushe" we headed to a family fun fair where we enjoyed checking out all the vendors, pony rides, bounce houses and especially the live band.

Sam captivated everyone with his dance moves. He went at it for maybe 20 minutes. By the end he was getting pretty tired but couldn't stop the beat, so he would lay around on the ground twisting and turning until he got enough energy to get back up again. It was so cute. Everyone commented. 

That evening after getting Sam down we watched a movie and enjoyed pumpkin pie (Hank's favorite). Hank's birthday was probably more enjoyable for me because it was a time for me to reflect on the life I have with this wonderful man. He is such a tender, loving husband and father. The quality and richness of  our life (Sam and I) is greatly attributed to Hank's constant care and devotion to us. I really feel blessed everyday to have him.

He is also really funny.Our home is always filled with laughter. I am so blessed. Happy Birthday Hank!


Anna said...

Why is Sam so cute?? I can't take it.....

peggy said...

Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing...... I love your blog
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