Sunday, January 22, 2012

Milo Came Home!

As soon as Milo came home Hank hogged him and they took a 2 hour nap together. So sweet.
The Sleepy Wrap is my friend. Milo stays in there all day long and never makes a peep. He's making up for lost womb time :)
Milo gets wide awake in the evenings, which is perfect because after Sam goes down Hank and I just gaze at him with awe and wonder.
He makes that face a lot, isn't it funny and ADORABLE!
Sam is completely obsessed with his little brother. He always wants to hold him and kiss him. The only problem is he has a little bit of trouble controlling his emotions. Sometimes he gets so overwhelmed with joy you can see him shaking and clenching his teeth as he tries his hardest not to squeeze the life out of Milo. We are working on having him squeeze a pillow instead or do a somersault.
He's pretty happy to take a problem here, Mom, just go for it.
He's just little even though he's "big".
"Tat's Milo, tat's Milo's nose, tat's Milo eye, I wanna touch it, I wanna kiss it...hehehehe, I love Milo! hehehe I wanna hold it....tat's Milo"
I did not need to worry about Sam being jealous, my goodness he is in love with him.
Hanging out with Mom. We do exercises with him to help his muscles grow properly. I love having that time with my baby.   

Tummy time with Dad. He could stay on his tummy all day, he so mellow about it
Basically Milo is a sweet tempered little guy. If he's fussy then all it take is food or being held and he's a happy camper. When he's awake he's alert and wide eyed. He sleeps really well, nurses really well and is exceptional good at being cute and melting all of our hearts.


secwalker said...

Thank you so much for posting all of these beautiful pictures of Milo and the family! It made my day :) The last picture reminds me a lot of Norah!

Heather Melo said...

Happy day, and week, and Sunday, and family, and house, and I could go on forever! Milo is ADORABLE like you said! We can't wait to meet him! Olivia talks about going to see you ALL the time, and I keep telling her we have to wait til Milo gets a little bigger. Again, we're so happy for you Milo made it home and is thriving so well!

eebs said...

I know how Sam feels, cute things just make me want to squeeze them to death. Sometimes I have to bite on something like a pencil just to get it out.
and he's CUTE

Michael + Anna Costa Photographers said...

So wonderful Leah & Hank! So happy for you that you finally have him home, he looks adorable!!!


Anna said...

I'm just so happy and excited and love you guys so much! I can't wait to see you soon!


The Wards said...

Hooray!! He is so amazing! We have to remind Oliver to love in a gentle way too. He still asks if he can kiss Ella about 5000 times a day, so it doesn't go away! You all look so blissfully happy and I am so impressed, but not surprised, that I haven't heard you complain about anything that has happened over the last few months once. You are all superheros!

whitney said...

Oh yay! yay! yay! I'm sure you're just loving having him home! Sam obviously is :)