Sunday, July 8, 2012

The 4th and more!

Here we are at the Sacramento Children Museum's Summer bash party. There is no doubt in my mind that Sam inherited some musical talent because he is always drawn to it. He spent basically the whole time dancing on the floor piano.

Milo also took some serious interest in the music. Maybe my boys will play music together some day!

Sam thought it was HILARIOUS to take the black keys off the floor piano. It tickles me to see what makes Sam smile.

I couldn't capture a more perfect representation of Sam's personality.
We have been so blessed to have an amazing physical therapist for Milo. She has been seeing him since the NICU and we just love our visits with her. She was teaching me how to use a ball to do some exercises and Milo was just loving it. It was so sweet that I took a picture. I didn't get a good one so I'll have to try again later. I love her in our life because I can tell she genuinely cares about Milo. That's important for a mother.

We have really been working with Milo and I think little by little he's catching up. He sits up pretty wobbly and needs some coaching and help to roll over but we're getting there. Even if he was way above his markers I don't know if I could be any more proud of him than I already am. He's been through so much.

We had a great outing recently with Trevor, Lindsay and their boys at the Jelly Belly factory. I didn't get any good pictures except for this one. Milo is all set and ready to hear about the making of a delightful candy confection. It was really interesting and fun. We mostly enjoyed the company we were with :)

To change things up from trains Sam and I joined our MOM's group for a field trip to the Aerospace museum. Sam brought the only plane book we had and called every pane a Harrier Jump Jet, which he learned from his book.

I think he's day dreaming about trains and wishes he could be near one. I try to change things up every once in while but when it comes down to it Sam just knows what's what.

I love these kids.

I found a simple sidewalk paint recipe and we had a blast with it. I find that pretty consistently Sam like art projects only if he can apply them to his body.

We had a really fun 4th. I find myself getting so excited for holidays now a days. Sam is old enough now to really enjoy them and so it's fun to plan. We had patriotic pancakes for breakfast. Afterwards we had a patriotic dance party and then got out a map of America and talked all about it. It was simple but lovely.

The Roseville fourth of July parade. Why are small community parades so fun? Sam waved his flag the whole time repeating casually to the parade participates "Hi! Happy Fourth of July". Milo enjoyed the parade because he was being held the whole time. That's basically his main criteria for enjoyment.

After a full day of swimming at a friend's we headed back home where we ate dinner outside. We were planning on BBQing at the park but we were all so exhausted that we just made all our BBQ food not on a BBQ. It turned out delicious anyway.
We only did our own fireworks because Sam was way too tired to stay up for the big fireworks show. At first Sam kept saying "fireworks are coool!" Milo was interested but not overly impressed. I think he likes be tickled more.

After a few big loud ones Sam folded his arm in prayer saying "Jesus can protect you, Jesus can protect you"

We went to the train museum as a family recently just to re-vist the firebox in one of their steam locomotives. Sam can tell you what a firebox does and how it makes an train go. We had to go back 3 times to see the firebox. I love how nerdy my son is. He kind of reminds me of my husband.


Anna said...

Milo is getting so big! Looks like you guys had a great fourth. Miss you! xoxo

Maria and Ryan said...

Hey Guys! I hopped over here from Trevor's blog 'cause I wanted to see what is up with you all! Ryan and I wish we got to see you more! We're always saying "I wonder how Hank and Leah's baby is?" or "Hey Ryan, did your mom say anything about Hank and Leah and how they are doing?" You guys are so cute! Glad all is well! Are you planning to come to the big reunion next year? Hope so!

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