Saturday, October 27, 2012

A couple pumpkin pictures

Pumpkin patch time. Sam followed "this guy" around basically during our visit. When the boy left Sam exclaimed "where's the guy, where's the guy!"

Well, whose the cutest pumpkin now?

Here we are at Bishop's Pumpkin Patch, the best pumpkin patch ever!

We were there for 5 hours! and as you can tell we were as happy as could be.

Out at the patch, pickin our pumpkins. Milo was just trying to find one he could live in.

I love awkward...  


Gramma Marty said...

oh my oh my I do indeed have the most handsome, most photogenic grandsons in the pumpkin patch. Looks soooo fun. Take some pictures tonight for halloween. I love the Hank Florence Family!!!!

secwalker said...

Your boys are superlatively cute, if that's a word.

Anna said...

The boys are so cute! I want to die.... xoxo

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