Saturday, January 5, 2013

Picture dump

It has been way too long since I have updated. It just goes to show how busy we've been around here! Between the boys, holidays and my new nannying job I have found myself getting increasingly more tired (or lazy) at the end of the day and have been replacing blog updating with sleep. To do a quick catch up I am going to dump a slew a pictures from the last few months. I am sure you all can fill in the blanks.

My parents came for a visit and my awesome dad made Sam his own train table! Sam diligently watched as the finishing touches were being made.

Here is Sam with the four yr old that I nanny. Ever so often we have these sweet moments.
Thanksgiving at Hank's Aunt and Uncle's house.
Hank's brother and his family stayed with us Thanksgiving weekend as well. It was so fun having them especially for Sam who loves his cousins!
Model trains at the Train Museum the day after Thanksgiving. Sam was in a fantasy world.

Milo turned 1!!! The time as gone by so fast. How I love this little angel of mine.

The other boy I nanny is a year and a half, so Milo has a friend too!

Milo's birthday party! karaoking with friends from Hank's work and their kids. It was such a blast.

Family Christmas

Christmas eve morning visit with my sister and her family before we all traveled to SoCal for the big Christmas celebration.

My little sister got married!!!AHHH! When they came out of the temple Sam was so excited he ran up to them to hug them. When everyone cheered he thought he was a star. So cute.

Of course, Sam found a girlfriend at the reception.

Now we are home (phew!) it's been a wild last few months! After a good bath I think we are all ready to keep on going for so more adventures.


Anna said...

I loved seeing all these photos! I miss you guys already! xoox

Gramma Marty said...

I'm so glad you blogged and shared these wonderful pictures! I love and miss you all.

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