Thursday, October 30, 2008

I actually get to enjoy the holidays!

Because I was so sick I basically accepted that I would not be able to enjoy the holidays this year, but week 16 seems to be a lucky week, because I am feel so much better! I mean I've accepted that I probably won't be my old self again for long time, or until baby comes out, but I have been better enough to do all this pre-halloween/autumn stuff.

Hank and I went for a walk at the mouth of Provo Canyon. I am really going to miss the fall colors when we move to California.

Danniey, Tyler (they live above us) Hank and I made pumpkin pie from a pumpkin! I don't know how much more autumnie you can get. It was so so delicious!

I had a headache that night, that's a cold wrap around my head. But look, I am around food!...what a change!

We carved pumpkins for family night, this pumpkin went through many creative incisions to correct mistakes.

I think Hank's pumpkin is pretty cool.

Except the poor guy dropped it on the floor and now his pumpkin looks like it has a cleft palette. He was so disappointed.

Later that night we went to Cornbellys with our friends Spencer and Kim.Its like a carnival/festival place that has a cornmaze, a hay ride and a bunch of halloweeny stuff.

It always takes a lot of nagging to get Hank to smile like a normal person in pictures. When he does I think he's pretty cute.


Sarah said...

I also loved week 16! I am glad to hear you are feeling better! Good luck with the headaches though.
Happy Halloween - now you can enjoy some candy!

Heather said...

Yeah Leah!!!!! I'm so glad you're feeling better! And it's perfect timing- now you get to enjoy the FUN part of pregnancy- bonding with the baby that you're going to start noticing more and more inside of you! It's SOOOO amazing and special! I think it's going to be a girl to follow the tradition!

bird said...

so, i didn't realize that hank had dyed his hair, so i see that first picture with him in it and i think, "wow. hank and leah's neighbor really looks like hank."


i'm so happy you're feeling better. i wish you'd told me about your feeling so sick so i could have a) sent you all sorts of homeopathic drugs that are safe for pregnant women and b) prayed for you.

i can't wait for you to move back home! i'm going to hang out with you until you pretend to be ill just to get me to go away (which won't work because then i'll try to take care of you. you'll have to fake your death, wake, funeral and burial just to get me to go away!)

whitney said...

Yay! for feeling a little better! What a fun time ya'll had-making a pumpkin pie from uber-scratch and everything. Way to go, betty crocker!