Thursday, April 23, 2009

We Moved!

So there has been some big transitions for Hank and I. Obviously giving birth to our first baby was the big life change of the year. We sorta compiled upon that by moving to California two weeks after he was born. The drive went smooth and we had an amazing reception when we arrived. Both Hank's parents and a lot of my family live in Ventura county in California so we are feeling very blessed to have so much love around us. Here are some fun pictures of all the people who love and welcomed Sam to California!

Mt father-in-law with my mom

My mother-in-law

My best friend Laura

My sister Bethany

My sister Anna and my brother in law Mike

Grandma Dee

Grandpa Bob

My silly Dad

My wonderful family made Sam a welcome sign!

And a Sam cake!

And just for the fun of are some cute pictures...


Heather said...

What a wonderful welcome Sam received! I guess he is a pretty special guy... I loved the pictures. My favorite was Sam after his bath. Good look this next year in California. I'm happy for you to have so much family around!

The Wards said...

We can't wait to come and see Sam too. You all look so happy. Believe me Sam will be one spoiled guy. I love how it is OK to spoil a newborn. You can't love and hold them too much, its impossible, its what they need! And its even better when there are lots of people about to share the cuddling with, because you can have a bit of a break!

cedar said...

cute overload.
-erin ;)

Will & Cheyenne said...

We are going to be there in three weeks!!!!

Megan Tea said...

he's so cute.

secwalker said...

Okay, this isn't fair. I want to be in CA NOW!

3 Reed Dotters said...

What a wonderful welcome home! We miss you guys and hope you are settling in well.

whitney said...

*love* the sam cake. it's my fav.

Oh, and the little guy, he's my fav too ;)

Kristyn said...

I just read your full story on the birth. I'm so glad you posted it all. It's been so long since I've been through it, that it's so great to hear again about everything. You're a tough woman Leah! those contractions can be CRAZY painful, and it sounds like yours were just that! You guys are already the most doting parents, and I just love hearing how excited you both are! Good luck with all the unpacking, and I can't wait to hear more details about everything!