Friday, April 23, 2010

Fingerpainting and Farm

Sam and I did a little experiment and I must say it was an all afternoon success! I made finger paints out of flour, water and food coloring, put plastic on the ground and let Sam go for it. We started out with just a little, but that soon changed.

He took matters into his own hands as soon as I gave him free reign over the Tupperware that was housing the paints.

I added more "tools" as time went on so he could move the paints around in interesting ways.

He is thanking the heavens for finger paint!

This morning we went to the Underwood Family Farms with some friends. It was really neat. They had a big animal farm section. They also have fields where you can pick your fruit and veggies. I need to go back to do that. Today was just an animal day, which was packed with fun.

Emus...Sam is ecstatic.

Sam's favorite part was the big wooden train. There was lots to climb, which is what he is into right now. What a cute kid.


Aubrey said...

WOW- i can't believe how big that boy of yours is getting. he's at such a fun age!

Brittny said...

That sounds like a blast! You'll have to post your recipe for fingerpaints - I think my Sam would enjoy them too!

Will & Cheyenne said...

Fun stuff Leah!