Monday, January 24, 2011

A week of hiking, family and throwing

 Last Monday Hank took the morning off and we found a great hike along the American River.

We were trying to teach Sam all about moss, fungus and dead plants. Maybe that's why he has that expression on his face. I still thought it was pretty, but you can't please everyone.
Then we had a gigantic treat this weekend. My sister and brother-in-law came to visit! Sam absolutely LOVES my sister. I can tell she has an earned a special place with him because he head butt her to the point of tears. That he reserves for only a privileged few.

If one visit wasn't exciting enough my sister's best friend (who I am going on play dates with now a days) came over as well with her family. We had a party at the park. We needed to get out of the house because Sam kept chucking things at the other baby. We had a family night about being soft but I am not sure it's sticking yet.

So as previously mention Sam's new thing is throwing everything he can get his hands on. I have tried to be creative in attempting to lessen his aggression, but mostly in vain. I've decided to accept the fact that he is a boy and needs to throw...desperately! So I made colored spaghetti!

And throw he did. Not as much as I thought he would. Maybe we'll try again soon. If I can gear myself up for the clean-up that is!


Michael + Anna Costa Photographers said...

We had so much fun with you guys! Your sock stuffed animals are amazing and I LOVE the shot with me and Sam. You can tell by the picture how riveted he is with family night...haha

Leah Florence said...

I know! He does like to be told to be soft!

whitney said...

You and your colored spaghetti. You're adorable, Leah.

kungfudonut said...

hey i was just randomly browsing through different blogs but i just have to say, your kid is beautiful! and interesting blog :)